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The Journey is a globally recognized and critically acclaimed healing and transformational process to awaken you to your true potential. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step process overcoming a wide variety of challenges from physical ailments to emotional trauma or shut down, in relationship problems and career performance issues.

My Experience Release, Understand & Forgive

the journey bookIn 2004 I read Brandon Bays’ book, The Journey, and found this simple set of tools to be the missing piece of my own holistic jigsaw at the time.  It really seemed to integrate all the therapies I had studied, practiced and received. For me the Journey method  offered a great way to access and clear old issues, beliefs and habits at a deep cellular level. It allowed me to release the stored up pain from the past, gain an understanding of where I and others were coming from at the time and finally to forgive.   It is in the forgiveness that healing takes place.  The list of what can be tackled is endless and the potential for release limitless.  Thank goodness!

To download a free copy of Brandon Bays book The Journey please click on the link:  Click here

Free to be ME!

Free to be ME!

The benefits have been enormous and one of the most tangible for me is that I no longer have the prolapsed mitral valve in my heart which had been carefully monitored for 21 years!  It is now totally healthy and healed.  In addition I am much more relaxed, an openness and confidence has emerged which had long been in hiding!  A calmness of living everyday in the present … not the past and not in the fear of the future.  We can, after all, only be here and now … so might as well just enjoy ‘what is’!

For more information about  please feel free to call me and you may like to visit the Journey website.

STOP PRESS:  Since the Covid19 pandemic and with most of my clients being in UK and abroad, I am facilitating journey processes online over 3 – 4 sessions to include follow up notes, phone/email support between sessions.  Generally sessions will be spaced apart.  Each client is unique, and their sessions are tailor made and may include other coaching tools as required.

Investment:  Face to Face and Online

Designer Journey | allow up to 4 hours  | £267 one Journey | £677 Package of 3 Journeys

Online Integrated Journey Processes |  over 3 – 4 sessions  | £267 inclusive – call for further details

(includes session follow-up notes, regular follow up phone calls and email support over 4-6 weeks per Journey Process)




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