butterfly blue yellowI offer thanks and gratitude to each and every one of my clients for their amazing uniqueness and willingness  to play and be creative, for their open-hearted courage to simply trust the process and go with the flow. You are all my teachers, thank you.

Here is what a few of my clients have shared …

As stand-alone sessions or combined from The Journey / EmMatrix / NPA / Mentoring and Coaching; Havening Techniques; The Emmett Technique, Kinesiology, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki ….

30 Minutes to Calm offered during Lockdown:  “Hello Fiona, I wanted to thank you for reaching out to me! You have seen that I as a mom being in Lockdown and need to do home schooling with 2 kids and running my own business I was struggling. I felt drained and tired, so low in energy.  After 1 session with you, you really helped me to feeling 10 years younger with more energy. And the fantastic thing is that I can use this technique that I can do easily by myself and family at any time. I believe every mother or parent or even anybody who feels some kind of stress, should learn this havening technique.  This is so valuable and priceless.  You really work from your heart and with passion. You are an amazing Woman.  Thank you so much.”  SE,  Netherlands

A Journey Process & a Havening Process online: “I found Fiona after reading The Journey by Brandon Bays & wanting to find a Journey Practitioner.  After 2 sessions she has helped me enormously, she is kind & considered & not only has my ptsd dissipated but also my feelings of unworthiness and imposter syndrome have disappeared.
Looking forward to more sessions & further improvements in my general mental well-being.”     LM, Warwickshire, UK

30 Minutes to Calm offered during Lockdown:   “I had a “30 minutes to calm” online session from Fiona, the session set me up for having a really good day. True to its name, I felt very calm afterwards. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend this quick, easy way to reduce stress. It was tailor made for me. Try it, you will probably go on to have some tailor made sessions that Fiona does too. I have had those, the results were truly amazing.” SC, Mojacar, Spain

Following a Kids Journey Process & ongoing support (boy, age 7):  We had a wonderful journey experience with you, it was uplifting, encouraging, empowering and just a joy to experience! Thank you for all of your support, it has helped not only our son but us too.”   Mum, Northampton

Programmes for Life on Skype:  “The person who recommended Fiona was highly skilled and successful in her own career while at the same time incredibly warm and honest.  When I reached out to Fiona I hoped that this type of coaching would work and that I wasn’t wasting my time and money, my hope was that this recommendation (coming from someone so impressive) would be worth the effort. I can safely say I only wish I had met Fiona sooner.  Fiona helped me to regain trust in myself and to listen to and trust my intuition. We worked together to change my exhausted perspective on life and bring me back from feeling burned-out. For the first time in a number of years, I feel hope for my own future and a sense of comfort in knowing I will be ok no matter what I do. Fiona is warm and wonderful, she is creative, and does so much in a short period of time. If anyone was to come to me seeking a way to change and improve their life I would have to recommend Fiona.”  KD, USA

“Through the work with Fiona I feel I have gained the confidence and calm I was seeking. (Journey / NPA) With stronger boundaries to stop my patterns of self sabotaging and a greater compassion towards my past.
The realisation of what was holding me back through the follow up sessions was so profound that the complications I seemed to put in my life before have completely eased.
I feel lighter, happier and at peace, feeling like my work and life are now flowing freely.” TC, France

Fiona is an extraordinary therapist (Journey/Emmett & combination) sensitive and insightful while also practical. She accompanied me every step of the way to finding my own truths and a new way of being. I recommend her many skills – the Journey, Emmett and the wonderful combinations that she creates for individual needs. She will find what you need!” HG, Brussels, Belgium

Fiona has changed my life for the better. (Journey/kinesiology/emmatrix) I found her a few months ago when I was looking for a journey practitioner to help me let go of emotional baggage which had been with me all of my life. I knew as soon as I spoke to her that I had made the right decision to see her. She is a very caring intuitive therapist and very supportive. I would recommend her treatments. IS, Leicestershire, UK

Over the course of 3 months I have had 4 sessions (Programmes for Life on Skype) with Fiona, all of them where tailored towards the issues and challenges I was facing at that time. It has been really great, as Fiona ensures that you first align on what is the “real issue” and then follows up with a tailored approach to go through that issue and come out rejuventated at the end. This rejuventation includes having a new “self help tool” going forward to ensure you continue building on the process that Fiona has taken you through. Since having had these sessions I have recommended it to many. Fiona is open, pragmenatic, caring, supportive and a great guide. I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet her.”  M.DH, London

Following a short treatment on a calcified frozen shoulder (Emmett):  “XXX was amazed when I got home and showed him the results of your (Emmett) treatment.  For the first time since January 2009, I am enjoying free movement range in my shoulder, and pain free.” CH, UK

After first session on an very painful tennis elbow (Emmett):  “Just an update of my tennis elbow. I have had very little pain in the elbow just a few twitches.”  AND six weeks later after a second 15 minute top up session “My elbow is standing up very well. I have been fishing a few time and no problems. Had one twinge the other night when I reached across the table to pick up a full 1.5 Ltr bottle of water, but that was all.”   K. Spain

“In October 2011 I suffered a serious accident (Emmett) where I nearly amputated two fingers on my left hand, a few weeks later whilst the wounds on my fingers were still healing, I met Fiona at a gallery exhibition who kindly offered to use the Emmett technique to aid in the healing, immediately she performed a brief session, so helpful I booked a full session later at her home.

At her home a couple of weeks later Fiona made me feel very welcome, an hours Emmett session enabled me to be much more aware of the healing process, left me feeling fully balanced, more relaxed and energetic, all this helped me and my injuries heal. Many thanks to Fiona.”  DB – Sorbas, Almeria, Spain

Badly injured back 20 years ago (Emmett) ….D and I would just like to say a huge thank you… As you know D badly injured his back while on duty as a serving police officer 20 years ago…..He suffered terribly and was taking huge amounts of medication until he heard about Emmett after only one session with you he was amazed at the difference and was pain free for the first time since his accident…. As you were due to return to the UK I decided to take the one day course (Emm-Tech) with you so that I can help to relieve the pain when it occasionally returns….Paul has said that he thinks that you’ll be visiting Spain in September / October, we will certainly be amongst the first to book appointments with you both… Thank you both so very much for truly changing our lives. With love to you both.  A & D, Spain

Journey / EmMatrix / NPA / Emmett …  I met Fiona last year and have since done ( two) journeys/emotional matrix/emmett technique/NPA work with her and she has quite literally balanced and transformed my life! Fiona is a highly skilled therapist with a vast array of ‘tools’ at her disposal and many years of experience, she also happens to be a lovely person…. kind, warm, reassuring, nurturing and wise…..working with her is a delight as she helps one to release what needs to be released so that life can flow positively and harmoniously. I cannot recommend her highly enough nor thank her adequately and intend to continue with this wonderful yearly life MOT.  SG, London

Feelings of tension and being off balance  (Emmett) …   I am very grateful to you Fiona, for the good counselling and expertise in the Emmett technique that I experienced when I consulted you.I came to you with feelings of tension and being off balance.   Not only did you manage to correct my balance, but you also identified a restriction of movement in my neck and were able to release this.   The Emmett technique has certainly had a positive effect on my well-being.
I am feeling re-energised and my equilibrium has been restored.
Thank- you Fiona.   IB, Northampton

FOLLOWING Emm-Tech Workshops ….

  • Wonderful trainers who complemented each other fantastically. Made the delivery so easy to understand and apply to colleagues and oneself.  The course has given me so many more simple but effective techniques.
  • Excellent; well organised. Engaging; interactive; fun – teaching at a good pace.  Informative and practical course.  Time and money well invested.  Paul and Fiona are excellent, intuitive and have a relaxed teaching style, thank you so much.
  • Truly useful and fascinating. Very clear, informative and practical.
  • A very informative and enjoyable day – a huge learning curve. Beneficial for CPD purposes and personally.
  • Re-enforced confidence to carry out treatments – feel very energised and pain-free!


I so enjoyed Fiona and Paul’s relaxed yet professional approach to delivering the Emm-Tech workshop material. The day was jam-packed with fascinating content, brought to life with many lovely anecdotes from their own experience with clients. Instructions were clearly (and patiently!) demonstrated, and Fiona and Paul kept a close eye on us as we fumbled around practicing on each other, as we slowly gained confidence, and rejoiced at the immediacy of the results.  I have already used two of the releases with great success on my husband, and am looking forward to using the rest on family and friends and myself! What a wonderful resource to have at my disposal. Thank you so much for a brilliant day.    Clare, Norfolk  (July 2016)

Thank you Fiona and Paul,  It was a fantastic day: clear and helpful teaching and guided “hands on” practice. Put it to use already.  I could not believe the amazing improvement myself as I’d not been able to raise my arm like that for some time. Want to go further. Thank you.   Michael  (July 2016)


Workshops & Retreats

Simply Sumptious Retreats, Spain, July 2014

‘Paul and Fiona Davies provided the bodywork at one of our Simply Sumptuous Retreats. Their in-depth knowledge & experience combined with the latest, most efficient & relaxing healing methods made our guests come back for more several times. Our recommendation: if you’re looking for bodywork that opens the floodgates to lasting rejuvenation, get in touch with them a.s.a.p.!’  AT at Simply Sumptious Retreats, Orgiva, Spain

Balance and Dreamboard Manifestation Workshop, Mojacar, Spain, March 2012

“The atmosphere created by Fiona and Paul at their workshop was like a warm blanket on a cold night – they were nurturing, caring and inspiring. It was a delight and I came away feeling both energised and at ease with the world.” LD, Albox, Spain

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