Lifetime Membership Award on 3 January 2022 for over 30 years continuous Membership for the Association of Reflexologists


Reflexology uses simple, non-invasive compression massage on the feet.  It works on the principle that the body is mapped out on the feet and that by working on the feet the whole body is holistically treated.

As the body is brought into a state of balance or homeostasis using Reflexology techniques the benefits are many and the Client should enjoy a feeling of well-being and relaxation.  Reflexology improves the circulation which has a knock-on effect on other systems within the body, hence helping to reduce stress, aiding elimination of toxins and waste products, and encouraging effective nutritional flow around the body systems.  Web:

Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe. However, in my own practice Reflexology treatments have helped with many conditions including sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances / fertility, fatigue, stress related conditions, physical pain and more.

Imagine taking time out, just for you, to enjoy a complete chill out, nurturing session.  Gentle music, warm and safe … nothing to do … just RELAX!  Time out for you!  Give me a call!


Reflexology | Ist session approximately 1.5 hours @ £45 

Further sessions | 1 hour @ £35 or for a more leisurely session: 1.5 hours @ £45

PACKAGE DEAL |Buy 4 x 1 hour sessions together & get 1 session free of charge!  |  £150

AND for the 1.5 hr package sessions you can mix and match the therapies on offer to suit your mood!  (Reflex, IHM, Reiki, Emmett Technique, Havening Techniques, Coaching/Mentoring)

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