Programmes for Life – What’s it’s all about! 

positive-life-changeMy passion is to support my clients to the highest and best and I will give 100% commitment to you and your processing.  In return, I expect you to invest 100% commitment to your own Programme for Life … and to my time and expertise.  In this way we would work together to give you the best out of all the sessions and really help you to experience positive change in your life as you move forward.

My way of working is very much with what is ‘here’, right ‘now’, so sessions are always tailor-made, always free-flow and generally time unlimited!  Having said that I have found that a session generally takes between 1 – 11/2 hours.

I offer a free of charge informal chat in the first instance so that we can link up and see if it is appropriate for us to work together.

If you choose to work with me then you need to know that I offer individual sessions and a package of 4 sessions for further in depth work.

I always send clients’ follow-up notes from each session, with any new tips and tools that have come up, so they can use these in their daily life.  I am available for on-going support and mentoring by email between sessions.

Generally each of the 4 sessions would be 1 week to 2 weeks apart to keep the momentum going and we would discuss at the end of each session the best time for the next.  I am willing to do day time and some evening work … flexible timings to ensure continuity in our work together.

Please be aware that sometimes there can be a bit of a dip after the first or second session – this is perfectly normal and all part of the integration process.  Change can often be uncomfortable, especially when you have felt very stuck – time now to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Once the 4 sessions are complete, many clients choose to continue with a session at intervals as agreed between us, so that together we can further support and mentor them through their transition to reaching their goals.   These additional sessions would be charged per session OR by package as above, payable in advance and used as needed.

Further sessions are an optional choice.  My experience has shown, however,  that some clients benefit by continuing with this programme over a minimum of 3-6 months and some have chosen to have an on-going monthly session beyond this time frame to keep themselves ‘on track’.


Programmes for Life | First Session | £97 (1.5 hours) |  Future sessions £77 (1 hour)

Programmes for Life Package of 4 sessions | £267


Following 4 sessions on Skype –  Programmes for Life (Mar-Jun 17):  “The person who recommended Fiona was highly skilled and successful in her own career while at the same time incredibly warm and honest.  When I reached out to Fiona I hoped that this type of coaching would work and that I wasn’t wasting my time and money, my hope was that this recommendation (coming from someone so impressive) would be worth the effort. I can safely say I only wish I had met Fiona sooner.  Fiona helped me to regain trust in myself and to listen to and trust my intuition. We worked together to change my exhausted perspective on life and bring me back from feeling burned-out. For the first time in a number of years, I feel hope for my own future and a sense of comfort in knowing I will be ok no matter what I do. Fiona is warm and wonderful, she is creative, and does so much in a short period of time. If anyone was to come to me seeking a way to change and improve their life I would have to recommend Fiona.”  KD, USA

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