When you are out of balance, you might not feel 100%.   You may have aches and pains, or feel slightly out of sorts …

Are you on the go all the time and all too often actually forget about yourself?   Are you focussed on work, loved ones, relationships, health issues, finance, … caught up on the roller-coaster of life itself?  What about you?

kinesiology balance picREMEMBER your body is your amazing and willing form of transport!

Our bodies take us everywhere … and yet we often forget to take care of them, to nurture them, in order to get the best out of them.  AND the good news is – your body knows best what it can do to refuel and increase your energy, potential and enthusiasm for living.

What is a Life Balance?

If 100% was absolute balance in every area of your life and 0% was none – Kinesiology muscle testing can check in to see where you are on the Life Balance scale at the moment of testing.

Gentle pressure on a muscle (generally arm) will test weak or strong to specific verbal questioning.  Using this technique it is possible to check to see what you can do, or what needs to change in order for you to increase your Life Balance to as close to 100% as possible.

This may involve any aspect of your life, for example:   work, rest, play, sleep, relaxation, nutrition, health, environmental issues, hobbies, stress, exercise, direction  … and more.

So – what is my role?

I work with you to get the best for you.  I note down what emerges from the session and you take the notes home with you ready to take responsibility for putting into practice whatever is needed to increase your own potential for your better Life Balance!

Kinesiology (muscle testing) may use a wide range of non-invasive techniques and procedures to re-tune your being.  It looks at every level; physical, structural, emotional, mental and spiritual using a truly holistic approach.  It can be used for Allergy and Nutrition Testing, Health Issues, Life generally … anything really … Kinesiology is creative!!   It simply taps into what is needed to get you back on track whatever your issues. The body never lies so whatever is needed will be communicated through muscle testing.  Generally clients find this therapy a very relaxing , fun and intriguing experience.

Come and try this fascinating and great way of working with your body …  and enjoy the benefits of its wisdom!  Call me for further details


Your Investment (allow 1.5 hours for a session):

Kinesiology Life Balance  |  £97  (First session 1.5 hours

Kinesiology one-2-one sessions   |  £77 subsequent sessions, approx 1 hour


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