A combination of meditation, visualisations, inspiration and therapeutic tools to support our hectic lifestyles.  This is ‘time out’, time for you, time to be still and peaceful.  Together we will share tools to increase our resilience, positivity and growth.  And, we will learn from each other on Zoom!  Or if you are local to Northampton we can start a face to face group.

Please call if interested and we will take it from there.

Please get in touch if you require further information or if you simply want to meet up for an online chat and a coffee / tea!  Always a pleasure.

INTRODUCTORY TALKS –  The Emmett Technique

If you are interested in learning more about the Emmett Technique and want to attend a talk or host one give me a call!  This wonderful technique for muscle release, pain relief and body balance is often instant, and what better way to experience it first hand than at a live demo!  Call me on 0774 917 9673 for further details.

Our FREE Talks | day or evening availability |  Include Refreshments  |  Contact us for further information and to register your interest


Next EMM-Tech one day courses with Paul and Fiona – Coming soon to Northampton! 

If you are a group of 2 or more people and wish to have your own EMM-Tech one day course please call us to arrange a date. Whilst some people like working in a larger group, we have found that others prefer to learn with a smaller one.  

EMM-TECH Short Course (Easy Muscle Management) Northampton

The EMM-Tech Short Course teaches participants how to quickly and effectively release their own muscle tensions or help others release theirs.  All training is closely supervised and is open to anyone.  It requires no previous bodywork experience.  However, it is also a valuable and effective tool for personal trainers, sports coaches, pilates and yoga instructors, riders and handlers and also for professionals and therapists in the health care field.

In 8 hours learn how to ….

  • Aid forearm weakness
  • Improve neck rotation
  • Aid shoulder pain and flexibility
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve general mobility, flexibility and circulation

Through EMM-Tech you will gain valuable skills that may be used to ease general pain and discomfort and improve movement restrictions.

Check out the website for further information: http://emmett-uk.co.uk Please contact me for details or to organise a talk or Emm-Tech course (2 – 10 people).

                                             Please contact me for details




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