EMOTIONAL MATRIX – managing your emotions 

So what is that all about then?  Well, it is not rocket science that we are all directed by the orchestra of our emotions … all the time … but what if we don’t like the music … what if we like Brahms or 60’s pop and instead we seem to be playing heavy metal or rap to ourselves … on a daily basis.   Grating?  Grinding?  Frustrating?  Head-banging?  Yep, you bet it is!

AND what if there was a way to change the frequency, switch channels, play and be creative with these emotions, talk to the conductor and let go of the head-banging, destructive sound and TRANSFORM it to something that resonates with us brings peace, clarity and brings connection to our inner self, the real us, connection to our body, our mind and our soul?

Sounds too simplistic?  Well, stay with me … read on!

Is it good, does it work?  Absolutely, you bet it does!   Why?  BECAUSE it works with the energy of emotion.  It gives the mind a job to do, whilst at the same time DETOXING the emotions and BLOCKS that hold us ransom to the success we seek.   My way of working with the basic tool of the EmMatrix has developed and expanded over time I find this is a very dynamic and practical way of working with a Package of Emotions, issues or  Blocks that simply clog our DNA and keep us STUCK!

Quantum physics, neural pathways, common sense … science … all play their part, but I am not here to discuss the science of the process, you can explore that on your own if you wish … I am here to tell you that I have, through the direct experience of working with many clients from all walks of life found that this process WORKS!

True emotion only lasts a number of minutes .  Oh, yes … we can choose to stay on the same rollercoaster for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years …re-running the same old blocks and patterns.  WHY?  BECAUSE WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP!

Well STOP right now!  What is it that is driving you?  What stops you from achieving what you want, what you know you are capable of?  How come you are successful, can see the way forward … but something is STILL holding you back? …..  AND whatever it is will be entirely unique to you.  We are unique and that is why the process of clearing the blocks will also be unique to you.  Whatever is happening in our lives will make us feel something … and you better know that no-one else “made you angry, sad, upset”.  No-one came in the night whilst we were sleeping and popped a string of emotions inside us!  No, our feelings and emotions are entirely ours, WE OWN THEM! Whether we like it or not, they are simply an internal response to either an internal or external stimulus.  Someone runs into our Achilles tendon with a supermarket trolley … we feel pain, anger, swear …    Truth is the supermarket-trolley-driver did not put the  physical and emotional pain inside us … rather the cause of their unintended action unleashed a whole range of internal responses which then led to our external reaction / response.

We are all shackled to our emotions / feelings at times and let me tell you … Emotions do not discern who they take as prisoners!   A recent client described feeling so trapped, she felt as though her block was a solid hard rock and then saw it like a ball and chain,  keeping her immobile, stuck, hopeless.  As her process evolved she was given a key to unlock the ball and chain and the transformation of the rock to a feather brought her light, clarity and freedom.

So, whether you are a high-level corporate flyer, a manager, director, a lawyer, a professional in emmatrixhealth care, an administrator, a road sweeper, un-employed, depressed,  mother, father, daughter, son, any of these and more …. These are all LABELS.  They are not who you REALLY are which is a physical body, filled with emotions and feelings, and a thinking mind and spiritual being … which  together form our Ego .. and the Ego is in the driving seat.  We become a walking, talking Ego .. a veneer covering the clear diamond of potential which is inside and always has been.

Ask yourself … am I 100% ready to LET GO of my block … and believe me, often we are not!   Why?  Because the old block has become an old friend … it may not serve us anymore, but it is old and familiar and can make us, on some level, feel safe and supported.  Well, what if that block has outlived it’s job and can be  transformed into a more beneficial resource to support your ultimate success?

Every single thought, feeling, emotion, experience is available in consciousness, otherwise it would not be available for us to feel.  Right?   Well, what if you could change how you feel without having to dive deep into Story?  We all have stories, our life is a continuing story.  We ‘feel’ our stories … we relive them each time we recall them … the same old feelings and emotions come out.   Many of our memories and feelings are great … we love this and we will keep these.  And some are ones which make us feel, sad, angry, frustrated, out of control, lost to name but a few.  These are old cell memories, stuck in our DNA, just like a scratched old time vinyl record when it is stuck in a groove.

We cannot change what happened in the past (which is very likely a cause of what blocks us now!) AND we can change the way we feel about it … we can detox it, change the channel, the vibration of it, get a new Conductor and TRANSFORM the internal music to one that plays our very own tune / song to growth, success and freedom.

This process is for anyone who is stuck on any level.  For mindy types, it gives the mind a job to do and helps to integrate mind-body connection.  You see, the mind will tell us a thousand ‘stories’ but the body never lies.  When we start to access the truth of how we feel in the body and not in the mind … we are able to move forward in a more authentic way.

So what’s on offer?  Call for an informal chat:  0774 917 9673


1 session  |  approx. 1.5 hours  |  £97 (including session notes, follow up and email contact)  Future sessions of approx 1 hour | £77

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