Emmett Technique for Pain Relief, Muscle Release and Balance!

It’s about MAKING A DIFFERENCE …. it’s quick, effective, gentle …..

Simple touch, Amazing results!

Simple touch, Amazing results!

What is The Emmett Technique?  

Developed by experienced Australian body-worker,  Ross Emmett, this simple, gentle method of hands-on muscle release, pain relief AND physical body balance works as a stand alone therapy or alongside all other known bodywork systems.

A light touch aiming to encourage the body to perform in a balanced way, an Emmett move can create change within seconds!  Seeing is believing!

Emmett Practitioners develop skills in assessment both by sight and touch, applying their work to those areas that most need to be released to achieve the maximum potential for each person.

Emmett is for everyone adults and children alike … a gentle and effective therapy for all.

WEBSITES: www.rossemmett.com.au – Ross Emmett, founder of Emmett Technique www.emmett-uk.com  – which now has brilliant video clips of Emmett in action – take a peek!

And for a really interesting talk and demo with Ross  …click on this blue link About Emmett Technique

GIVE ME A CALL!  Nothing to lose apart from pain and muscle restriction and oh, by the way, we’ll get you in BALANCE too!

 Emmett Technique session:  First session £45 thereafter | Approx 1 hour  (times vary as this technique is results based) @ £35


EmmetLogos_Circle(O).inddEmm-Tech Short Courses 



Next EMM-Tech Short Course coming soon.  Read more below …..  And please contact me to book.  https://www.emmett-uk.co.uk/

The Emm-Tech short course was created by Ross Emmett so that non-therapists would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help friends and family. Ross has licensed several qualified Emmett Therapists in the UK and abroad to act as Emm-Tech Tutors.

Courses are held at different locations throughout the UK either as one 8 hour day or two four hour sessions which are usually from one day to two weeks apart.

No prior experience is necessary to attend a course. It can be taken by anyone.  It is of particular interest for anyone wishing to help their loved ones, friends, family or clients.  The list is endless and includes:  sports coaches and trainers; yoga and pilates teachers; physiotherapists and others in the medical field, carers for the elderly; general carers;  parents or as a taster for therapists who may be considering taking the professional qualification.

The course cost is £130 (re-sitters get a 50% discount!), which includes your Training Guide, a Certificate of Attendance and refreshments. 

This course does not, on its own, constitute a professional qualification and participants are advised to seek professional help where appropriate.

TESTIMONIALS – what others say …

  • Wonderful trainers who complemented each other fantastically. Made the delivery so easy to understand and apply to colleagues and oneself.  The course has given me so many more simple but effective techniques.
  • Excellent; well organised. Engaging; interactive; fun – teaching at a good pace.  Informative and practical course.  Time and money well invested.  Paul and Fiona are excellent, intuitive and have a relaxed teaching style, thank you so much.
  • Truly useful and fascinating. Very clear, informative and practical. 
  • A very informative and enjoyable day – a huge learning curve. Beneficial for CPD purposes and personally.
  • Re-enforced confidence to carry out treatments – feel very energised and pain-free!
  • I so enjoyed Fiona and Paul’s relaxed yet professional approach to delivering the Emm-Tech workshop material. The day was jam-packed with fascinating content, brought to life with many lovely anecdotes from their own experience with clients. Instructions were clearly (and patiently!) demonstrated, and Fiona and Paul kept a close eye on us as we fumbled around practicing on each other, as we slowly gained confidence, and rejoiced at the immediacy of the results.  I have already used two of the releases with great success on my husband, and am looking forward to using the rest on family and friends and myself! What a wonderful resource to have at my disposal. Thank you so much for a brilliant day.    Clare, Norfolk  
  • Thank you Fiona and Paul,  It was a fantastic day: clear and helpful teaching and guided “hands on” practice. Put it to use already.  I could not believe the amazing improvement myself as I’d not been able to raise my arm like that for some time. Want to go further. Thank you.   Michael  

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