Who am I … and how did I get to where I am?

Good questions and valid ones too!  The discovery of ‘who we really are’ can be quite a journey because so often we become what others want us to be depending on our upbringing, our job or the role we have chosen in life.

The truth is that the  ‘who I am’ was never whatever banner described me in any given moment … this was simply a LABEL.   The voyage of self discovery to clear the labels, outmoded beliefs, emotional and physical issues and peer inside at who is really there has been quite an “oh, hello, welcome home” moment!  I am so much more able to stay present to each moment now and enjoy the freedom of simply being my authentic self with whatever “is here now”.  My sense of confidence, self worth, excitement and enthusiasm for life, embracing the positive in any situation have all grown.  The resulting changes I have experienced have brought exquisite ‘tasters’ to the limitless potential of ‘what and who I am’ and the realisation that this is ever-changing, never still and available to us all.

What I can offer others has emerged from my direct experience of life, travel, training, searching, magical and synchronistic encounters in a creative, safe and warm embrace.  The combination of life experience, therapies and personal development has given me amazing tools with which to work closely with my clients, in a unique and integrated way in order to help them achieve their own optimum levels of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Fiona’s Journey to Healing and Self-Discovery

On the therapy and nurturing side, I originally trained in Reflexology in 1991 and found it to be a brilliant therapy.  I was awarded Lifetime Member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) in 2022 for 30 years continuous membership.  My training continued with Reiki and then Health Kinesiology.  Later, following my experience of sudden total deafness to my left ear, I experienced and trained in Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles) which, combined with other therapies, gave me back 80% of my hearing.  Indian Head Massage training was a natural progression and, again, I benefited during treatments.

Coaching, Mentoring and Making a Difference! I qualified as an Accredited Journey Practitioner with Brandon Bays in 2005.  The work was life changing and amongst other things I experienced a full recovery from a prolapsed mitral (heart) valve, for which I had had medical checks for 21 years! I completed a year long Visionary Leadership & Coaching Programme with Kevin Billett and then added Joel Young’s NPA (Non Personal Awareness), Deb Battersby’s Emotional Matrix and The Healing Code from Alex Lloyd and Ben Johnson to my ‘tool box’.  Together these form the basis of my coaching and mentoring work one-2-one and on Zoom/WhatsApp.

I qualified in  The Havening Techniques® in 2018A wonderful technique to help with trauma, ptsd, anxiety, phobias and so much more.  Works as a standalone and beautifully combines and integrates into my coaching and mentoring work, direction in life and work/life balance.

Following chronic neck problems for a number of years, I was fortunate to be introduced to the Emmett Technique.   A seven minute taster session at a Holistic Health Show freed up my long time whiplash considerably and with a further two proper treatments left me as good as new!  I embarked on the Emmett Practitioners course myself and qualified in 2011.  I have been amazed by the results. So simple, so gentle, so effective.  I am a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Emmett for Humans Tutor.

I have been a volunteer Complementary Therapist at a local hospice since 2013 and previously 3 years at a hospice in Kent.  Work I feel very privileged to do and which I enjoy immensely.  I was employed by the NHS to establish a professional therapeutic set up for Voluntary Complementary Therapists at the same hospice between May 2021 and December 2022.

Online – Global.  I have been working with clients across the globe since 2010 and expanded this element of my work during Covid lockdown.  I offer an integrated approach online including Journey, Havening, Coaching / Mentoring and work very much with whatever is presented in the moment.

PLEASE NOTE:  With effect from 1 May 2024 the focus of my work will be The Emmett Technique, Havening Techniques, The Journey / Mentoring / Coaching. 

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