THE HEALING SANCTUARY mp3 – Visualisation for releasing discomfort and pain written and spoken by Fiona Davies, mixed, mastered and produced by Ashley Davies

This CD has been lovingly created to help my friends, family and clients.  Please listen with headphones on for best results.

A script written in 2007 after years of working with people in pain or discomfort. Written on a whim … and filed away until 2012!

I am truly grateful to my amazing son Ashley Davies for encouraging me to ‘just get on and record it’, for his help in selecting the music, recording and mastering whilst we were living in Luz de Luna Retreat, near Mojacar, in Southern Spain. His sense of fun, cajoling, creativity, laughter and determination … allowed my script to become an audible reality!

I hope this will be the start of more recording, and that those who listen benefit from the grace and gratitude from which these words first fell onto a page in the distant past! FD

If you wish to comment on The Healing Sanctuary Visualisation … I welcome all feedback!


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