World events had been a catalyst in my desire to work with women.  I realised that great women lie behind every man, woman and child on this planet and I am full of admiration for them.  That those separated by life events … all have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters… whatever side of the blanket they lie on.  The first group started as one for women and sessions where absolutely geared to that.  

Then it became clear … the essence that we all are cannot be separated by gender.  There can be no separation as we are all part of the ONE.

We all need to wake up now.  Discover who we truly are individually and collectively.  Together we can bring positive change, balance and stability back into our own lives to our loved ones and to the lives of others we touch in this infinite consciousness.  

Exploring the Essence of who we are group sessions:

So, together with Paul (my lovely partner if life) we are offering group sessions for exploration, growth and understanding. 

The Course consists of 6 x 2 hour weekly sessions.

We’ll be sharing from a place of life experience, personal development, wisdom from our teachers, clients, friends and loved ones.  Together we will explore who we are in the world around us (clearing labels, beliefs and more… of who we are not!). There will be an organic mixture of meditation / visualisation, stillness, process work, discussion creativity and fun.  And we will learn new tools to support the sessions and our lives from week to week.  

Designed to increase awareness, bring a sense of stillness and peace, celebrate our strengths and encourage “in the moment living” in a positive and profound, balanced and healthy way.  

Who is it for? 

Anyone who is curious and ready and willing to explore all of the above!  No previous experience necessary as we will grow together week by week.  

How many in the group? 

We can take a maximum of 6.  If there is further demand, we would be happy to facilitate an additional group at time to suit.  


  • £5 per session to include refreshments and materials.   


For more information, to book or to discuss other mutually convenient dates please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!  



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